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Hi !

Im currently making a game called "Spirit x Witch x Spirit" (might change), and so im constantly working on new FX effect. I'll put everything here, and i'll constantly update this pack, can't give precise release schedule thought, neither information about what is going to be added. 

You can freely use, modify, or do anything you want with these files, and you don't need to credit me. You just can't sell them, they are free, you know ! :P

If you want to support me and get updates about my game, you can follow me on twitter (@SxWxSGame). The game is a card-rogue-like game, heavily inspired from Slay the Spire. If that's your kind of thing !

Those FX are designed using Pixel FX designer by Code manu (insane software, get it !)

-> https://codemanu.itch.io/particle-fx-designer

This pack currently include 22 effect (20/11/2019), including variant for some of them ! For each effect there is :

- ASEPRITE files

-GIF files (with AND without background)

-PNG spritesheet

Feel free to contact me here or at spiritwitchspiritgame@gmail.com if you need anything, or still have request.

Have a nice day ! 


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Development log


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Love this explosion pack, the animations are such high quality and suuuuper smooth. Amazing work!

Really nice! Gotta use that! Thanks!

Very good assets!

Thanks you ! Added new one !

Could we use this asset for commercial use

(1 edit)

Btw you can do anything you want with it. I'll update it soon too !

I would like the background-less files.

Hey ! Was really busy, sorry ahah. I added them, have a nice day :)

Thank you.

Thank YOU

Awesome, hope to see more .

Thanks ! There is now more of them :P


Thanks! Please add more effect.

Thanks ! Some more effect added ! :P